[ENG-info] About SUZUKA eSports Challenge Race 10-hour endurance race[SeCR]

2022.06.22 20:01(1年前) ResultRH-NOTE

Racing Hero, Inc. will hold the “SUZUKA eSports Challenge Race 10-hour endurance race,” in which anyone can participate, using the “iRacing” PC simulator software.


Entrants and teams are invited to participate in this race.



The SUZUKA eSports Challenge Race (hereinafter referred to as “SeCR”) 10-hour endurance race will be held at the Suzuka Circuit, where eSports racers and racing fans who enjoy Japanese racing simulators will discover and share new ways to enjoy motorsports and the fun of racing. It is a festival virtual racing event.


While it is a realistic endurance race that requires driver speed, strength, and team cohesion, it also aims to hold diverse races that are possible only with virtual racing.


We are preparing a variety of contents to provide an interesting and fun atmosphere full of stories and originality, and to provide an opportunity for more people to learn about the fun of simulator racing.



The 10-hour endurance race will be broadcast on the “Sumigare” YouTube channel.


The race will be broadcasted by race announcer Hiroshi Tsujino, who is active in the real race, and other racing drivers who will provide commentary, just as they would in a real race.


In addition to the 10 hours of live race coverage, there will also be interviews with the drivers and teams participating in the race, talk shows with real racing drivers and engineers, sponsor introductions, and a variety of other content.


The “GT3 Class” will be for teams that play iRacing on a regular basis and are aiming for the overall championship, while the “GT4 Class” will be for beginners and those who have just started iRacing.Teams will be able to choose from the following cars.



The race will be run by Racing Hero, a member of the SeCR competition committee.


This race will utilize the iRacing judging system and will have its own BOP to ensure a uniform balance of the cars.


In order to make it easier for beginners to participate, the car setting data will be fixed and all setup data will be prepared and shared by the competition.




To participate, please fill out the entry form at the URL below.




Information about the tournament will be shared on the tournament Discord, so please be sure to subscribe to the Discord server.




We look forward to your participation.


If you have any questions, please contact us.